One of the major challenges faced by IT and accounting departments in companies is the enormous task of managing and tracking the hundreds, and in most cases, thousands of assets spread across offices, buildings and plants.

As the company grows, so does its furniture, fixtures and accessories/equipment increase to provide for, and improve, operational efficiency. With more assets to track than people to track it, it becomes a tedious exercise of finding, identifying, counting, consolidating and reconciliating assets found in your SAP system, using endless amounts of time and paperwork.

With the d.Mobile Asset Auditing solution directly integrated to SAP, IT personnel (or any employee with access to the mobile asset scanning equipment) can quickly and easily identify assets, simply by scanning the asset barcodes. The mobile computers (scanners) provide the proper logic to look up asset information contained in SAP, and to display this information on user friendly interfaces. It provides access to functionality which allow the changing of asset statuses and locations as well as adding assets found, which did not have barcodes.

In areas where there is no Wi-Fi coverage, the mobile computers will switch to offline mode, and once connectivity is re-established, the mobile computer will synchronise the cached information automatically.

The consolidation and reconciliation is done electronically on behalf of the IT and Accounting Team, and additional reports (outside of SAP) are provided for irregularities identified during the auditing process.

Other benefits realised with d.Mobile Asset Auditor
  • Speed up the asset verification process.
  • Provide proper integration into SAP using SAP standard connectors.
  • Provide reports and identify irregularities in real-time.
  • Remove the endless paperwork associated with asset counting and verification.
  • Simplify the entire asset auditing process.