• Add Photo, Voice and Video Clips
  • Time recording
  • Measurements and Counter readings
  • Catalog based
  • Offers Offline functionality
  • Easy integration from/to other systems
  • GPS Tracking and location verification
  • Electronic Signature

d.Code Mobile Plant Maintenance enables SAP Plant Maintenance processes from mobile computers. Devices connect wirelessly to SAP where connectivity is available, but important job and master data is also cached on the device for offline access.

Route lists are easily accessible right from the place of work and the recording of inspections and readings are done electronically. By applying mobile technology, results are captured with improved speed and accuracy, work requests can be generated in seconds and artisans/technicians have direct access to equipment and related information wherever they are. With more information available at the point of work, technicians not only work smarter, but also quicker and more effectively.

Studies showed that capturing data for direct upload from the point of work to back-office systems (ERP) improves accuracy by 30 to 50 percent.

Having accurate and timely data available means that managers and foremen can perform trending and other equipment performance analyses more reliably and quicker. Importantly, improved productivity and planning allow workers to perform more preventive maintenance, reducing unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Other benefits realised with d.Mobile PM
  • Increased productivity and accuracy
  • Improved first-time fix rates
  • Better planning and scheduling
  • Improved utilisation of ERP
  • Extended asset/equipment lifespan