• Supports Non-stock & free-text items
  • Internal delivery services
  • Offline functionality
  • Electronic signature & Proof-of-delivery
  • Minimise the amount of unnecessary parts and materials in storage
  • Real-time reporting
  • Force barcode scan for bin & item verification
  • Advanced barcode printing & data translation
  • Employs SAP certified integration technologies

d.Mobile Inventory Management (d.Mobile IM) facilitates the full track and trace, movement and storage placement of materials within a warehouse; and processes the transactions associated with functions including goods receiving, stock transfers, delivery, put away (binning) and picking; all in real time in your ERP system.

d.Mobile IM also directs and enhances material binning efforts based on real-time information about the status of bin utilisation and location, allowing for better monitoring of the progress of materials through the warehouse.

More precisely, d.Mobile IM records and directs the receipt, storage, movement and binning of materials, as well as the outbound picking, delivery and issuing of stock to end users.

Our d.Mobile IM solution offers automatic identification and data capture technology, such as barcode scanners and printers, mobile computers, wireless LAN's and radio-frequency identification (RFID) to efficiently monitor the movement of materials.

Once data has been collected, the options to process it in an offline environment, or directly via real-time wireless transmission to a central database (or batch synchronisation), and all transactions are performed in your ERP system on behalf of the warehouse workforce.

No more “after the fact” and delayed data capturing. The d.Mobile Management Console provides powerful management reports about the status of materials in the warehouse.

Other benefits realised with d.Mobile IM/WM
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Increased order fulfillment capacity with same staffing
  • Increased order fulfillment accuracy
  • Reduced order pick times
  • No delays in capturing data in your ERP
  • Maximize the use of warehouse space
  • Paperless environment
  • Increased responsibility
  • Consistency in record keeping
  • Improved order fulfillment speed